SEO optimization for Google News approval

SEO optimization for Google News approval

SEO optimization for Google News approval

  • Client Frederico Hernandez
  • Category Google News
  • Date 7 January, 2022

The client needed to fix SEO errors to get into Google News.

I have completed:
1) fixed HTTP and HTTPS errors. The site had no domains glued together and it duplicated itself;
2) customized feed and logos that meet the requirements of Google News.

The site was successfully added to Google News and started indexing.

Additionally, it was done:

1) for Homepage:
– duplicates removed;
– optimized instead of in the header: reduced margins, added content to empty space;

2) for a single post:
– added breadcrumbs;
– the title has been moved above the image;
– the sidebar has been fully developed;
– the subscription form has been completed;
– sidebar fixation has been made;
– functionality has been added and styles have been developed for similar entries;
– a block has been created for the author in the form of a card at the bottom of the single page;

3) for the website:
– developed by Favicon.

Additional work was not included in the project assignment. But without these edits, I would not have been able to add the site to the portfolio ))

There are still many points for growth on the site, the client temporarily abandoned the development of the project.