The impact of Core Web Vitals on the Woocommerce Site

The impact of Core Web Vitals on the Wordpress Woocommerce Site

Hi there! I’m sharing the results of Core Web Vitals optimization of an online store on Wordpress + WooCommerce.

Project features:

1) the project is Russian-speaking. In my experience clients from Runet are reluctant to innovate. Even more reluctant to innovations from Google (left the Russian market in March 2022, continues to operate as a search engine). 2) The project is technically complex: old versions of Wordpress, PHP, themes and plugins. The client is not ready to update the core, which led to a search for compatibility versions.

Before optimization

Below is the data from Pagespeed Insights for the main page of the mobile version of the site:
Site before Core Web Vitals Optimization
Site performance before the start of optimization work
The performance (2 points out of 100) is far below what Google recommends (70 and above). All Core Web Vitals scores are in the red, indicating a failed test for site quality.

The result

Site performance after optimization work
The scores scored by the home page of the mobile version of the site more than 80. The pages of the site pass the Core Web Vitals test, the site meets Google’s requirements for a quality site.

The effect of optimization on the number of impressions in a Google search

The site has become faster and more convenient for the buyer, and yet how did this affect the search results? Below I have provided data from Google Search Console with the dynamics of search impressions for 16 months.
Site effectiveness over a period of 16 months
Site effectiveness over a period of 16 months
At point 1, we observe a sharp drop in impressions. During this period, Google begins to introduce the Core Web Vitals indicator. Between points 1 and 2 – we observe a plateau. The number of impressions froze at the same level. At point 2, optimization was carried out and the site was sent to Google for verification. After point 2, we observe a constant increase in the number of impressions. It is worth noting that the number of impressions in April 2023 is 2 times higher than in the same period of 2022. Conclusion Optimizing the site to meet the requirements of Core Web Vitals increases the number of impressions in Google search results. I will be happy to check your site and give recommendations. To do this, write to me on one of the contacts in the sidebar on the left or fill out the form here. I will be glad to discuss your project! Have a nice day!

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